Having a new baby is an exciting and challenging time. New parents often feel many different emotions―such as love, joy, happiness, worry, and exhaustion. Life has changed now that your baby is here, and you might have lots of questions about what to do. To keep your baby healthy, anyone handling your little one should be up to date on their vaccines and help only if they feel well. But if you don’t feel up to having guests or have other concerns, don’t feel guilty about limiting visitors.

But, unfortunately, this was not the case with this mother. Liu, a Chinese mother has told of her devastation finding out that her newborn baby was born without eyes. This despite going through a normal pregnancy. Afflicted with a condition known as Anophthalmia, the woman’s son, was born with an eye condition where the child is bereft of or has little eye tissue.  The condition which according to China’s CRI afflicts 30 in every 10,000 children, means Liu’’s son will never see. 

According to the People’s Daily Online the mother’s plight has ignited mainstream China with her son since been dubbed ‘the baby with no eyes.’ What has outraged and confused Liu’s family most of all is how the son came to be born with the affliction despite having attended every antenatal check and not once being informed that there were any unusual results.

Most vexing, reports the DailyMail is the fact that anophtalmia cannot be spotted in ultrasounds and conventional tests during pregnancy. Presupposing the notion that perhaps the family were not afforded all the most advanced possible tests to ward against any possible health or body issue. A report via CRI tells of the child’s family now receiving extensive specialist assistance to see if there are any other health issues.

The family are also now hopeful of receiving help from a number of charities to help plan for their son’s future. They say their son is like any other baby, crying loudly for milk and swinging his hands. The boy’s mother says she was devastated when she learned about her son’s condition, but she is determined to bring him up despite the obstacles the family might face in the years to come. There is no current treatment for Anophthalmia although some children have artificial eyes fitted to help the bones around the eyes grow naturally.