According to the experts, with twin pregnancies, both the pregnant person and twins face a higher risk of complications. Prenatal checkups occur more frequently with twin pregnancies, making it possible to detect issues in earlier stages. Twin pregnancies are high risk because there are many potential complications. Many people receive prenatal care from maternal-fetal medicine experts, the health officials say. 

Parents of a ‘miracle’ baby in India decided to take their child home against the hospital’s strong advice. Their baby boy was born with two heads and it was described as a ‘miracle’ by doctors. Unfortunately the child died within 32 hours after being taken home from the hospital by his parents, The Daily Mail reported.

The 2.5kg baby boy was born to his 20-year-old mother at the Nehru Medical College. He was in a “healthy state”, according to assistant professor of paediatric medicine Dr. Narayan. “The mother completed her pregnancy full-term and was doing well post surgery but the baby suffered breathing issues,” he has been quoted saying to The Daily Mail. An operation is possible in some cases of conjoined twins but here it was nearly impossible.

Despite having two pairs of all of their internal organs they were all trapped in one body, with only one pair of arms and legs. The doctors told the parents that you cannot separate such children. Unfortunately the young parents decided to take their child home against the hospital’s strong advice. According to the parents, 32 hours after his birth, complications arose and the little boy died. “It was the couple’s first child, which probably explains why they didn’t see a doctor during the pregnancy and take extra precautions,” Dr Narayan said.