According to the police officials, the 2-year-old boy accidentally shot self dead upon coming across unsecured firearm. The responding officers discovered that the child had gained access to an unsecured firearm that resulted in an accidental shooting,’ a statement from the police department said.

The child was taken to an area hospital where they were later pronounced dead. ‘Investigators are currently conducting their investigation and no additional details are available at this time,’ the release continued. 

Additional details about the child and the incident — including whether their caretaker was present at the time of the accident — have not been made available by authorities. It remained unclear if charges or arrests were forthcoming. 

The shooting comes less than two months after Gov. Whitmer signed bills into law requiring anyone in the state buying a gun to undergo a background check and for gun owners to safely store all firearms and ammunition when around minors. ‘Gun violence is a scourge that is unique to this country,’ Whitmer said at the time. ‘We don’t have to live like this and today, we are showing we are not going to anymore. Follow up report from WILX revealed that the 2-year-old was a child of a police officer.