Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Week in North Dakota

Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Week in North Dakota

MINOT, N.D. – Vision rehabilitation specialists in North Dakota helped more than 600 North Dakotans maintain independence last year.

This week they are being recognized for Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Week.

According to the Department of Human Services, this week of appreciation is to honor the work of Anne Sullivan, the teacher, and advocate who worked with Helen Keller.

There are seven vision rehabilitation specialists in the state who work with DHS’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

They work with the visually impaired to teach them techniques to become more self-sufficient like identifying safe routes to exit their homes in an emergency.

“It is important because we should honor all of the people that do such a service in North Dakota, and I feel like we have such strong individuals in North Dakota. we need to get the word out,” said Aimee Volk, Department of Human Services’ Vision Services and Independent Living Program administrator.

The division will be reminding residents this week that they offer assistance to aging individuals who have low vision and read mail, medication labels, recipes, and other materials.

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