COVID versus influenza: differences in storing vaccines
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COVID versus influenza: differences in storing vaccines

MINOT, N.D. – Minot State University scientists said the way the COVID-19 vaccine is stored is unique to many other vaccines that are already available to the public.

The COVID vaccine needs to be stored at temperatures minus 70 degrees Celsius, unlike the flu vaccine.

The influenza vaccine is what’s known as an “attenuated live virus” meaning it can live in normal temperatures.

The COVID vaccine uses what’s called “Messenger RNA Technology” which needs to be stored in extreme cold.

MSU professors said there aren’t many vaccines of its kind.

“This is a totally new technology. This pandemic, the effects might last five to ten years, but the vaccine is really revolutionary. It’s going to revolutionize vaccination,” MSU Biology Department Chair Dr. Paul Lepp.

Lepp said he would not be surprised if all the old vaccines get remodeled after the COVID-19 vaccination.

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