Scheels Minot opens opportunities for students with disabilities
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Scheels Minot opens opportunities for students with disabilities

MINOT, N.D. – The North Dakota Department of Human Services is recognizing businesses across the state for their efforts with the “You Make a Difference” award.

Scheels hosts a program for students with disabilities to gain experience in the workplace, which is a big help to associates like Kayla Crane.

Crane works hard straightening up the store. She started here through a partnership between Minot State University and Scheels.

“I got to work in the clothing section, and I got to do what I wanted all along,” said Crane.

Some on staff said Kim Popinga the Human Resources Professional is a “second mother” for the students.

“Kayla loves, and she’ll probably tell you this too, she loves the Adidas and Under Armor sections, and Micheal loves basketball, so it was a great fit for Scheels,” said Popinga.

The work is meant to be a stepping stone for the students’ future careers.

“On the second day I was learning a lot more than I’ve never had in my entire days,” said Crane.

It’s an important mark on their resume that gives them skills and experience.

At least one of the students has graduated out and says he will be continuing his work with the store.

Popinga said they’ve helped two students so far with one more joining soon.

The Department of Human Services said they can help employers and employees reach their goals with programs and assistance.

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