Creative Economy Summit moves online

Creative Economy Summit moves online

MINOT, N.D. – The Creative Economy Summit started in 2019 to help connect businesses and artists in North Dakota.

Arvin K. Davis, Jr. is an artist in Minot who has worked with the Souris Basin Creative Economic Summit in the past. His work is being featured in the Souris Basin office for the summit.

“You need creativity in the workspace to continue to be innovative. When you start to be complacent with how things are going you aren’t really being innovative you are just following the track that you’ve already laid for yourself. In order to stand out and continue to stand out you have to be creative,” said Davis.

The summit discusses art as infrastructure, and the importance of business and community culture.

“Arts and culture is very important to people in our communities, and to individuals, and we just need to take those opportunities and elevate the arts and culture industry, and really showcase them for what they are and show how much they do drive our economies in our small communities,” said Executive Director Lyndsay Ulrickson.

It’s taking place one session a week over six weeks to connect people and share experience. The sessions are recorded to watch later as well.

“It’s nice to be rewarded for all of your efforts and they see that, and it’s benefited me a lot. A lot is an understatement, I just couldn’t think of another word that wouldn’t just be really dramatic,” said Davis.

His work is featured at the Taube Art Museum through Feb. 13.

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