Fargo man on high-alert after home hit twice by intruders, warning neighbors
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Fargo man on high-alert after home hit twice by intruders, warning neighbors

FARGO, N.D. – A Fargo man has warning tonight for those living near the downtown area after he says his property has been hit twice by intruders.

The two incidents happened in the 400 block of 9th Ave. S., which is just down the street from the Cass County Courthouse.

“Her car was parked right here in the driveway,” John Douglas explained.

Just two weeks ago, Douglas says his wife’s car was accidentally left unlocked with her wallet inside.

“It got broken into and wallet stolen,” he continued.

Douglas says that same day he bought multiple security cameras and installed them all across his home.

“It’s your home, you want to be comfortable. That’s what the home is all about! You want your family to be comfortable. And with things like that going on outside that you’re not even aware of, unless you take the necessary steps, it’s scary!” Douglas said.

Douglas says since the camera install, things have been quiet. However, he says he woke up this morning to an alert from his security system.

“Checked my phone, said someone was on the back porch at 9:18 last night. So I looked, and it was someone trying to break into our house,” he said.

Fargo Police say the video shows just how effective motion lights are, as the man in question appears to bolt down Douglas’ stairs almost immediately after the floodlights turn on.

“He got spooked or whatever, and ran out that way,” Douglas said.

While Fargo Police say it’s unclear if the two incidents at Douglas’ home are related, Douglas has reason to believe they are.

“He dropped something right here on the ground, and it’s funny because my wife found the same thing, a paper clip, bent in a certain direction. It’s the same one that we found next to her car two weeks ago. It’s weird,” Douglas said.

Douglas says he doesn’t want other neighbors to get taken advantage of and urges everyone to step up their home security before it’s too late.

He says he’s already in the process of getting more security cameras, as well as installing a backyard fence and is hoping to get a dog to help better protect him and his family.

If you have any information on these incidents, you can call Fargo Police’s tip line at 701-241-5777.

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