MINOT, N.D. – Minot City Council held a special meeting Monday night to talk about the city’s National Disaster Resilience funds. That money funds projects like the gathering space, the center for technical education and affordable housing.

Alderman Mark Jantzer motioned to remove the gathering space and re-allocate planning funds and use them for property acquisitions and relocating City Hall. The total amount would be $6,928,000.

Council members did not agree on the motion and it failed.

“Uncertainty is…it sucks. Right? The sooner we the council can make a decision and provide clarity, the better,” said Alderman Josh Wolsky.

After three more motions failed, council members could not agree on what to do with the NDR funds and decided to table the item.

“I personally believe we’re going to be back to, if not the same motion, something very, very similar,” said Shaun Sipma, Minot Mayor. “But if nothing else, I think we have a better understanding of at least a very lengthy discussion of where everyone is at.”

They plan on re-visiting the NDR funds again in the next few weeks.