Minot pharmacy adjusts during COVID-19

Minot pharmacy adjusts during COVID-19

MINOT, N.D. – Things look different at Thrifty White Pharmacy in Minot’s Town and Country Shopping Center.

“There’s fewer people in the store. I think there’s also fewer people in the mall. Medications have been put in mail-out instead of pick-up if the patients want that, or they can get it at curbside pick-up right now too,” said pharmacy manager Bryce Bergeron.

Bergeron says the staff has been receptive to the changes to help fill prescriptions safely.

“Our staff has been really good about that. We’ve actually had some customers call and say they appreciate us being here, and they’re able to get their meds,” said Bergeron.

Thrifty White is there when prescriptions are needed the most.

“We’re trying to eliminate the danger as much as possible. Some medications you take because they help you not to feel bad, but some [conditions] are life threatening if you can’t have [your medication]. It’s a service that we have to provide,” said Bergeron.

Bergeron added that he’s thankful for the customers’ and public’s understanding during this difficult time.

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