As state mask mandate expires, Minot mandate continues

As state mask mandate expires, Minot mandate continues

MINOT, N.D. – Gov. Doug Burgum, R-ND, has ended the state mask mandate, but the City of Minot’s will continue.

Residents like Bronte Schultz of Minot said they feel safer with the mandate.

“I am more apt to go around town knowing that others are wearing their masks. It gets me excited to continue to help the community, and so thank you,” said Schultz.

The owner of Main Street Books in downtown said the mandates even helped business.

“We’ve been doing really well. I think most of our customers feel safe shopping in here because we do have the mask mandates, but when the governor put in the mask mandate I saw an uptick in business. It’s like people weren’t so afraid to go shopping in a public place,” said Val Stadick, Main Street Books.

Stadick said December 2020 was her best since opening.

“The corona was getting quite out of hand there for a while, and it harms people, it really does. The masks have brought it down to a workable level and I believe that we should continue doing that until vaccines are put out and people are safe,” said Doni Jessen, Minot.

City leaders said the mandate will last until the declaration of emergency expires.

We talked with residents who said they were against the mandate, but they either opted to remain anonymous, or to not appear on camera.

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