Fact vs. fiction: asthma and COVID-19

Fact vs. fiction: asthma and COVID-19

MINOT, N.D. –  There have been many misconceptions about COVID-19 and people with asthma, along with other respiratory issues.

Despite the many differing opinions, Dr. Anthony Tello with Sanford Health said that everyone should wear a mask in public, regardless if you have a respiratory issue like asthma.

“Everybody should wear a mask. I don’t care if you have asthma or not, the masks will prevent. If you cough and you have asymptomatic COVID-19 infection, and you dont know it. You cough and you spread that virus all over,” said Tello.

Tello said that it will be more uncomfortable for people with respiratory issues like asthma to wear a mask because of the decrease in airflow. However, he said it will not affect your oxygen levels. He says it is better to be uncomfortable then to end up in a hospital.

“Given the choice of wearing a mask or ending up on a ventilator with a tube down your throat, connected to a machine, I vote for the mask,” said Tello.

Tello said that, especially right now during the second spike in cases, everyone should be following basic medical advice, including masks, social distancing, washing hands, and avoiding going out unless it’s necessary.

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