Glenburn Fire Department recovering from disaster
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Glenburn Fire Department recovering from disaster

MINOT, N.D. – Three weeks ago the Glenburn Fire Department lost all of their equipment in a fire. With the assistance of other fire departments scattered across several states, they have much of their capability back.

Trucks and equipment on loan or donated to the station are based in a local garage bay loaned from a Glenburn business, where they’ll be based until the station is rebuilt.

”We’re not at full capability yet, but we can respond to most of them, in fact we just went out on a big grass fire here last weekend,” said Fire Chief Mike Overton, Glenburn.

Overton said there are four kinds of calls they receive, and now they can answer all of them, though sometimes they still have to ask for assistance from neighboring communities.

He couldn’t thank people enough for the help already received.

”Absolutely overwhelming, you wouldn’t even believe how so many fire departments have come together and offered us aid. I’ve been on the phone almost non-stop for almost three weeks straight, it’s all I do anymore,” said Overton.

A crew got to work pulling the trucks out of the station and salvaging what they could on Friday.

Now they’re angling for more cash donations to help pay for construction of a new station. You can donate money to Glenburn city hall, and specify the fire department.

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