MINOT, N.D. – The Minot Boys hockey team is having early success with five straight wins to start the season.

The Magicians won the west regular season title last season, but fell short of the region championship game. Co-Head Coach John Grubb says this year his team needs to take the next step of finishing games.

“Just making sure that we compete every night, do it for all three periods,” said Co-Head Coach John Grubb. “We had sometimes last year two excellent periods of hockey and then a let down that might cost us a game and I think if we can take care of that we will be in good shape.”

“We just need to bare down, finish all of the chances we have and finish all of our hits,” said Senior Derwin Hauser.

“We just got to play hard and show up to practice everyday, because we don’t know when our last game is going to be because all of the stuff going on so we have to work hard everyday.” explains Senior Riley Opperude.

The Magicians hit the ice against Beulah-Hazen on Thursday.