Minot residents discuss how holiday plans changed in 2020
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Minot residents discuss how holiday plans changed in 2020

MINOT, N.D. – The holidays are here and plans are different than in past years.

Your News Leader asked the people in the Minot area how their lives have changed in the wake of the outbreak.

“It’ll just be my children and I, and my grandkids. We see each other on a daily basis anyhow so not much is changing for me,” said Paula Wickman, Minot.

“If you can’t make it this year, you can always make it another year. It is only when you are alive that you can do the holidays, when you are dead there is no holiday for you,” said Damien Mazu, Minot.

“We’re just going to have my dad and my like-a-second-mom-to-me together with our two boys who still live at home, and my husband and myself, and then on Sunday after Thanksgiving we’ll have my cousin and his family over to my house. So we kind of have to split it up a little bit for Thanksgiving, but we’ll make it work,” said Chelsie Hultz, Minot.

Whatever your plans ended up being, and wherever you ended up, we encourage you to be safe and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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