Record breaking days for Christmas Tree farm
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Record breaking days for Christmas Tree farm

MINOT, N.D. – As the holiday draws near, many consider getting a real Christmas tree for their home rather than an artificial one.

For one Christmas tree farmer in Burlington, this year has been record-breaking for tree sales. The business started selling their Christmas trees a week ago and have so far sold more than 250 trees.

The owner said one of the biggest reasons people are buying real trees is the classic smell of pine in their homes.

“I think they just want to be home and enjoy the smell and if they are going to be around more, they just would enjoy decorating and enjoy the holiday a little longer. You know, they may as well do it this year of all years,” said Chris Tisi, owner of TC Nursery.

In previous years, Tisi has sold trees until the 20th of December. However, this year he thinks that he will be out of trees by the first or second weekend in December.

“I keep a 13-year record that I have been doing them out here. And it’s been 13 years and they have pretty much gone consistently for the past 12 years, but this year, they have just blown out the door,” said Tisi.

For this tree farm, the day after Thanksgiving was their busiest day. They sold out several different holiday items including their 10 plus foot trees.

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