Minot, N.D. – According to the city officials, each winter, the City sends the letter to remind those residents to run their water regularly to help avoid frozen pipes. 

This week, that letter was sent to approximately 95 addresses. The letter is typically sent when frost levels reach a depth of five feet or more.

Crews repairing a water break this past weekend in southwest Minot found frost lines deeper than five feet.

With more below freezing temperatures expected in the coming days, the Water Department distributed the letter to some well-known problem areas in the city.

Residents on the list are encouraged to let a stream of water roughly the size of a pencil run from one faucet in their home to help prevent frozen pipes.

The Water Department will send another letter when conditions improve to the point that running water is no longer advised.

The City doesn’t charge residents for the extra water they use to keep the pipes clear. Instead, the City bills the residents the same cost as an average month of their water usage.

The billing adjustments will be made after the letter is sent out advising residents to stop running water to avoid freeze-ups.