Minot begins rapid testing
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Minot begins rapid testing

MINOT, N.D. – The City of Minot is partnering with the Department of Health to provide rapid testing at Fire Station 1 as people return from holiday travel.

People Your News Leader talked to are glad to know sooner, and hopefully get back to work sooner.

The station served about 150 people in their first couple hours being open.

Cars pull into the station a few at a time.

People like Nadia Post from Glenburn test themselves under supervision.

“It’s going to be really convenient and safe for people to get their results back fast so they don’t have to go around and wait on them,” said Post.

North Dakota National Guardsmen are helping first responders get things started, and fire station staff will fully take over Tuesday.

“That will not affect this whatsoever. This is completely separate. Some of the on duty personnel are here and learning how, but they are technically not involved on their work shift,” Lonnie Sather, assistant fire chief.

After the swabbing and filling out some information, the car leaves, and in about 20 minutes you get a text message with your results. “It was good, really fast,” said Post.

The assistant chief said that if they get a rush they go through more than 40 cars per hour.

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